Charles Frohman Charles Frohman

Charles Frohman
July 15, 1856 to May 7, 1915

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Image of Frohman's passport.
Appears to be signed on April 23, 1915
He would sail on the RMS Lusitania in 2 weeks.
His final on either image.
New York Herald (April 15, 1906)- 200th performance of Peter Pan,
at the Empire Theater. Starring Maude Adams. Produced by Charles Frohman.
Interesting comment by Mark Twain, who says of the play...
"It is consistently beautiful, sweet, clean, fascinating, satisfying, charming."

London phone book - 1911.
Shows two entries: first at (Stage Door) Duke of York's theatre
and the second at The Globe Theatre Shaftsbury.
(right below the Schweppes dry ginger ale ad).