Charles Frohman Charles Frohman

Charles Frohman
July 15, 1856 to May 7, 1915

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World War One Commemoration that was held on 7th May 2015 at The Frohman Memorial, The Causeway, Marlow.
To mark the 100th anniversary of the loss of 1,198 lives when the Lusitania was sunk.
Amongst the dead was Charles Frohman the famous American theatre producer, whose support for J M Barrie’s play Peter Pan led to its immediate huge success in London and later round the world.
All pictures below are courtesy of The Marlow Camera Club.

Wreaths laid at the foot of the Frohman Memorial - on behalf of the people of Marlow and on behalf of the Frohman family.

Suzanne Brown (Mayor of Marlow) and Geoff Wood ----- Geoff Wood and Martin Blunkell (Chair of the Marlow Society).
Su Jones ----- Geoff Wood